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Slide Rotary Bush SRE type Series

The NB SLIDE ROTARY BUSH SRE SERIES provides rotary and linear motion functions. Linear motion with unlimited stroke and rotary motion are merged into a single bush resulting in great space saving compared with a combination of any conventional bearings. There are three types; standard, flange, and unit type with sizes ranging from 6 to 40.

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Structure and advanteges

NB SLIDE ROTARY BUSH feature a special retainer fitted into cylindrical steel outer cylinder and is designed to guide steel balls for smooth circulation in its retainer.

The retainer is also designed to rotate freely towards radial direction and offers smooth linear and rotary motions.

Smooth Operation

The inner surface of the outer cylinder allows smooth operation of linear and rotary motions while maintaining a uniform load distribution.

Smooth Rotation

The positioning of the steel balls in a cylindrical formation inside the retainer enables a smooth rotational motion regardless of the installation direction.

High Load Capacity

The use of comparatively large diameter steel balls enhances the load capacity.

Complete Interchangeability

NB SRE SERIES is completely interchangeable with SM type SLIDE BUSH, SMK type Flanged SLIDE BUSH and SMA(W) type, AK(W) type and SMP type.

Structure of SLIDE ROTARY BUSH SRE type
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