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Slide Rotary Bush RK type Series

NB SLIDE ROTARY BUSH RK type is a highly accurate and high load capacity bearing providing smooth continuous linear and rotational motions. Its structure imposes no constraints on linear and rotational motions. It is much more compact than a standard slide bush with separate rotational bearing.

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Structure and advanteges

The NB SLIDE ROTARY BUSH RK type uses a retainer similar to that used in the SR type STROKE BUSH.

This retainer gives a smooth motion in a high rotational application. SM type SLIDE BUSH is incorporated, providing the stable and smooth linear motion. Relatively large ball elements are used for high load capacity.


  • A smooth unlimited linear and rotational motion is obtained.
  • There is no need to machine separate housing.
  • High accuracy is ensured for extended period of usage.
  • Its high compatibility eliminates replacement problems.
  • High rigidity enables it to withstand an unbalanced load and large load.


Calculation of Life:


L :rated life (km)
fH:hardness coefficient
fT:temperature coefficient 
fC:contact coefficient
fW:applied load coefficient
C :basic dynamic load rating (N) 
P :applied load (N)
※Refer to page Eng-5 for the coefficients.



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