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SER Type

The NB SLIDE GUIDE SER type is a linear motion bearing utilizing the rotational motion of precision rollers placed in two rows. Despite its compactness, it can be used in various applications requiring high load capacity.

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Structure and advanteges

The SER type SLIDE GUIDE consists of a rail with two precision-machined raceway grooves and a block assembly. The block assembly consists of the main body, rollers, and bottom retainers. All of these components are made of metallic materials.

High Load Capacity and Long Life

Since roller elements are used, the contact surface is large which provides a high load capacity and a long travel life.

Moment Resistant Type

The wide block design (WA type) has an extremely high moment loading capacity. This will allow for single guide designs in the most demanding and compact applications.


Since a cross roller method is utilized, only two raceway grooves are necessary and presents a very compact package.

Tapped Hole Rail Type

For the SER rails, counterbore (standard) and optional tapped hole (N) types are available enabling various installation methods.

All Stainless Steel Type

The SERS type slide guide is made of all stainless steel components, making it ideal for high temperature, clean room or vacuum applications.

Structure of SER type SLIDE GUIDE



The SER type SLIDE GUIDE is available with a standard block or a wide block (WA) configuration. Each type can be selected with standard rails of counterbore holes or the optional N-Type rails of tapped holes. For anti-corrosion, all stainless steel type is also available with all stainless steel components.


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