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Reverse Seal


NB Reverse-Seal is a seal unit that consists of reverse plate, seal, and cover.
This seal unit has another side-seal in the reverse orientation to the block.


Structure of SPB

Part Number Structure

Part numbering

It is available for sizes 15~25 of standard SGL types. Block total length is shown in the table below.
Please refer to NB general catalog for other dimensions.

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Applicable sizes


●The space between two seals holds grease to minimize grease leakage from the block.

grease-leak test data:
test conditions : vertical axis, applied load (no load), average speed (60m/min), stroke (375mm)

Leakage comparison

●Reverse-seal makes a “Grease Pocket” between the two seals that realizes MAINTENANCE FREE by reducing grease leakage and loss.

grease dry-up test data:
  test conditions: applied load (no load), average speed (60m/min), stroke (420mm)
  * A few grams of oil absorbing material was applied every 5 minutes.

Life Comparison


●Grease for the food processing industry (NSF H1 certified) is available. It is a perfect combination for
the food processing applications to use stainless steel guide SGLS type and reverse-seal option.
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