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CAD Data Download

3D CAD data Part Solutions

Due to recent changes with our 3D CAD download service provider, we now require all customers to register at Part Solutions ( in order to access our CAD model.

Activate Part Solutions (3D CAD data download)

3D CAD data [Part Solutions] is available for selected products. 
[Part Solutions] has functions to view 3D drawings by specifying values and to insert the drawing into the CAD screen.
Please install 3D CAD file viewer on demand.

2D CAD data (DXF format)

CAD Download – please visit Japanese page

2D CAD data is available for all the NB products. 
DXF format is compatible with every CAD software.

If you do not have CAD software, please download and install [ eDrawings Viewer ]
(free download) by clicking the following icon.

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