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Lubrication and Handling Precautions


The objective of Lubrication and Handling Precautions includes the reduction of friction among the rolling elements as well as between the rolling elements and the raceway, prevention of sintering, reduction of wear, and the prevention of rust by forming a film over the surfaces. To maximize the performance of a linear system, the lubricant type and a lubrication method appropriate for the operating environment should be selected. There are two types of lubrication; oil lubrication and grease lubrication. For oil lubrication, turbine oil conforming to ISO standard VG32 to 68 is recommended.

For grease lubrication, lithium soap based grease No.2 is recommended. For slide bush and some other products, anti-rust oil that does not adversely affect the lubricant is applied prior to shipment. Please apply lubricant before using these products. Products with raceway grooves, such as slide guide, are delivered pre-lubricated with grease for immediate use. Please relubricate with a similar type of grease periodically depending on the operating conditions. The recommended relubrication period is about 6 months or 1,000km of travel distance under normal conditions.

Handling Precautions

NB provides the following optional greases.

Please select one in accordance with the use conditions of your linear system.

KGL Grease (Low Dust Generation Grease)

KGL Grease has an excellent property of low dust generation with a lithium-type thickening agent used. It is ideal for use in a clean room.

KGU Grease (Low Dust Generation Grease)

With urea-type thickening agent used, KGU Grease has features including a superior low dust generation property and the reduced dynamic frictional resistance during low-speed operation.

grease name
KGL Grease
KGU Grease
light yellowish-white
light brown
base oil
synthetic oil and refined oil mixed
synthetic oil and refined oil mixed
kinematic viscosity of base oil (mm2/s, 40℃ )
approx. 85
thickening agent
lithium soap
mixture viscosity
drop point (℃ )
250 or higher
copper plate corrosion (100℃ , 24hrs)
evaporation (mass%)
0.8 (99℃ 22h)
0.61 (150℃ 22h)
oil separation (mass% 100℃ , 24hrs)
oxidation stability (MPa99℃ , 100hrs)
bearing corrosion prevention (52℃ , 48hrs)
operating temperature range (℃ )

Handling Precautions

Please follow the instructions below to maintain the accuracy of NB linear system as a precision part and for a safety use.

Notes on Handling

Notes on Use

Instructions in considering the “Life Time” of a Linear System

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