Company History

1939 Apr. Yamazaki Iron Works was established on Suehiro Street in Ojiya, Niigata Prefecture.  We engaged in the manufacture of mold producing machines as a cooperative project with Tsugami Co., Ltd.
1959 Mar. Company’s name changed to Yamazaki Seiki.
May. Company’s name changed from Yamazaki Seiki to Yamazaki Seiki Co., Ltd.
1960 Sep. Development of Slide Bush.
1963 Jul. Company name changed to Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd.
1966 Nov. NB recieved an award from Daishi Bank for the development of new products in Niigata Prefecture.
1970 Oct. Completion of two new factories totaling 2,700m2 on the company property of 20,300m2 at the current location with an administration office.
1984 Mar. NB recieved an award for economic development in Niigata Prefecture.
Oct. The NB Shoji (NB LINEAR SYSTEM) Co., Ltd. was set up as an independent company by annexing the Sales Division from the main company.
1987 Jun. The NB Corporation of America was established near Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
1992 Feb. The NB gymnasium was completed (1,300m2) and dedicated as a social facility.
1993 Feb. NB recieved an award from The Japan Society for The Advancement of Inventions for ‘The Device Merits Award’ for the SER Type Miniature Slide Guide product line.
1998 Apr. NB recieved an award from The Science and Technology Agency for the total development of Slide Bush product line.
Jul. NB was certified for ISO9001.
2000 Oct. NB recieved an award, ‘Good Design Award’ for Actuator BG product line.
Nov. NB expanded its headquarters operations into a five story office building totaling 2,300m2.
2001 Oct. NB expanded its factory with the addition of a new facility totaling 5,800m2
2002 Nov. The NB Europe B.V. was established near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2004 Feb. NB was certified for ISO14001.
2005 Nov. manufacturing operations of a new factory (Sakuramachi) (building: 4,600m2; property: 20,000m2.  (Products: BG Actuator and NV STUDROLLER)
2007 Feb. NB received an award from The Japan Society for The Advancement of Inventions for “The Device Merits Award” for the NV STUDROLLER Slide Way product line.
2010 Oct. Merged with the NB LINEAR SYSTEM Co., Ltd.
2011 Nov. Began manufacturing operations of a new factory (Konsosu)(building: 2,270m2; property: 4,500m2). (Products: Spindle Shafts and Units)

NB Headquarters

Bird’s Eye View of Factories

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